GENERATOR - HYDRO POWER SEGMENT -Rongnichu HPP project, India – 69 MVA

The first phase of dispatch of generator to 130 MW HPP Rongnichu project has been successfully completed after client inspection at our works. The site of the hydro power plant is located in Eastern state of Sikkim in India. By the beginning of June the construction of the power plant has began under the oversight of our Service Department. We expect to commission the project by March 2020.

These hydro generators by CG GANZ are the largest size ever produced in history of our company, in terms of output (63.5 MW / 69 MVA) as well as in size (300 tons) . The project also deserves the credit in terms of single largest contract for our Rotating Machine business unit, the order value is 6.4 million EUR.

Our contract supply scope includes 2 pieces of 63.5 MW, 375 r.p.m. low speed vertical Pelton generators. By successful implementation CG GANZ will be placed as an essential player in the segment of larger MW output generators.